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career lifestyle and spiritual alchemy

What is the difference between a mediocre life and a magnificent one?

Liberate the parts of your self that are settling for mediocrity and fully awaken to your magnificence.

Whether an area of your life needs a little nudge or a complete overhaul, this work of alchemy is perfect for you if:

  • you are in transition (from a divorce, layoff or other loss) and long for a change that nourishes your spirit

  • feeling empowered and deepening your journey speaks to you

  • you want to feel alive in your work and in your life

  • being deeply supported on your path and awakening to your joy is essential

  • it’s time to clarify your dream and let yourself be seen while you “go for it” and can risk not knowing “how” yet

  • you want to rock your career while staying rooted in your authentic life

  • you know you have a unique gift to share with the world, yet feel like you’re not accessing your fullest potential

  • balance eludes you and you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted

  • you have ever wished for a real life mentor to inspire and guide you

  • soaring to new heights — in your career, your creativity, and your spirituality calls to you

The Uroboros represents the endless cycles and eternal nature of our lives and the concept of rebirth and regeneration. This powerful animal alchemy works through the Conjunctiodora to help transform the painful challenges of your transition into the precious meaning of your life.

The ancient alchemists were evolved thinkers, combining efforts to transform matter to another form – all while having an internal goal of transforming the heart and soul of mankind into another form. They worked to turn toxic elements like mercury and lead into gold.

Come to a process that will help you transform the elements of your current challenges into the shimmering life of your highest calling--where you feel fully alive and filled with purpose.