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Are you ready to listen to your own heart when it says
Now is the Time and You are The One

You’ll know you are ready to work with the Conjunctiodora if you

  • want to unleash your creative genius and experience a profound personal transformation within your own life

  • have a vision to leave a powerful impact on the planet and the people you come in contact with through your individual gifts

  • deeply desire a compassionate guide to offer you support, inspiration and loving accountability in your professional and personal transformation

  • are ready to see your full potential, celebrate your successes and illuminate your greatness so that you can step out into the world in a BIG way

  • have been struggling and simply need the tools, heartfelt strategies and collaborative mentoring and support to anchor your foundation

personal transformation

Working with the Conjunctiodora leads you to

  • Live a dynamic and fulfilling life of personal transformation

  • Become grounded, connected and present

  • Embody the sacred in the everyday

  • Begin living your future in the now

  • Powerfully manifest all that you are meant to be, do and have

  • Love yourself and your life

  • Take a stand for what you believe in

  • Live your authentic life

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