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Opening the door to a powerful new life filled with richness and abundance.

This compassionate and devoted champion will nurture you in uncovering and bringing forth your unique inner voice so that your life will resonate with the high vibration that comes from fulfilling your individual purpose.

With the Conjunctiodora, you will embody skills that allow you to consistently move in the direction of fulfillment, well-being, increased energy, pleasure, choice, full self-expression and wise, effective action.

Together we will use structured forms of inquiry, conversation and creative tools to:

  • Explore your current challenges and your unique concerns

  • Clarify your desires and objectives

  • Generate tangible paths to fulfill them

  • Refine your actions with more focused, effective intention

  • Create momentum, consistency and results

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This collaborative partnership is based on the issues and challenges you bring. Each session is uniquely dedicated to helping you propel your career, your relationships, your spiritual practice to new heights and to unite you in the face of your struggles, your dreams and your deepest longings. You will develop means of observing yourself as a whole person from many perspectives, deploying your own experiences and revealing the layers that create your own mystery.

Through dialogue, specially tailored exercises, guided meditations and play, the Conjunctiodora nurtures you and offers insight, accountability and guidance to help bring forth the simple and profound ways to open the door to cultivating your powerful new life filled with richness and abundance.

Learn more about Denise's workshop and online courses and her one-on-one sessions in person or by phone. For information on rates and packages, call 480.994.6172 or contact us.